Papagayo's Bay
Is located South of Lanzarote and belong to the natural park named “Los Ajache” In this area we can find several anchorage possibility, sheltered from Northerly and Easterly winds.
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Lanzarote is a unique island of extreme and unusual beauty. Amazing nature, dramatic landscapes, long sandy shores, a deeply rooted local culture and gastronomy, and above all a genuine respect for nature.
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La Graciosa
La Graciosa is a small island part of a group of islands called “Archipielago Chinijo“. Situated north-est from Lanzarote in a natural park and fishing reserve.It has a population of...
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Rent J for a day
Feel the experience of sailing on an amazing performer one-design boat. Up to 5 people. Prices per day: 240 eur without skipper 300 eur with skipper 4h
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Special Offer!  Dufour 365 Grand Large

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Canary Sailing Center, Boat Rental Lanzarote

We are a group of sailors and professional skippers, based in Lanzarote, who wants to share the passion for sailing in a fantastic venue like is the Atlantic Ocean and especially around Lanzarote's waters. If you are interested in sailing around the Canary Island we can organize and suggest you the best option to your needs.

We organize Regattas and Race training for sailing clubs and sailing teams. We do fun regattas for your kick off, conference or team building. For this  purpose we use the “all fun” J80 boats, with a fleet of 15 boats ready to race.

What we offer is simple: boat rental Lanzarote. We also offer skippered or bare boat rentals from a fleet of cruising boats. For all you sailors out there who just want to enjoy a day or two out on the water we have our "Rent a J for a day" offer, the perfect option for all you sailors who are planning a stay in Lanzarote but have limited time for sailing.

If you are planning your holiday, a kick off or a conference, come to Lanzarote and take the opportunity to go sailing in one of the best sailing venue. Lanzarote has been used as training waters for many teams in the last three Volvo Ocean Races.  For the upcoming VO race, Team SCA and Brunel have set up their training camp in Lanzarote. Those waters have been witness of may international regattas like the World Championships in RC44, Swan 45 cup races, TP52 and GP42 Championships, and they all agree on one thing, this is a fantastic place for sailing! See you on the water!


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View exclusive online rental rates and prices for our yachts and boats on offer. READ MORE


Our full fleet of boats is ready for your sailing experience in the most unique waters in the Canary Islands. READ MORE


Visit the small group of Islands of “Archipielago Chinijo” with the oportunity to experience the special atmosphere of La Graciosa and sail around Lanzarote. READ MORE

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